Bio4Engery programme director Stellan Marklund has welcomed the appointment of B4E scientist Rikard Gebart at the helm of a new Swedish Gasification Centre (SFC), calling it an “obvious choice”. Apart from heading B4E’s work on thermochemical issues, Gebart is an adjunct professor at Luleå University of Technology and the managing director of the Energy Technology Centre, at Piteå in northern Sweden.

“ETC’s research spans the whole spectrum of issues related to gasification. So it is only natural that ECT should lead the new research centre”, said Professor Marklund.

The appointment of Gebart at its helm produced a win-win situation for B4E and those involved in developing the new centre, Marklund said:

“It will strengthen Bio4Energy”. By cooperating, the new gasification centre and B4E would have “greater resources, greater opportunities for exchange and a greater network. It will be beneficial for everybody”.


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