Happy-Holidays-from-Bio4Energy Photo-by-Anna-StromGlorious conifers, glorious sea. Pine trees wedged against the Mediterranean. Photo by Anna Strom©.

As summer holidays approach for some of us, Bio4Energy would like to wish you a nice summer. We will be back in August, or September for some, with the same team of researchers, including those who recently swapped places with each other in the Bio4Energy branch that deals with the thermal conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals. Click here to read about these changes.

Also in autumn 2014 Bio4Energy plans to host the following events together with its partners:  

  • Lignin 2014 – an international conference which aims to bring together top-of-the-line academic researchers with industry developing lignin applications or starting to produce (separate out) lignin on an industrial scale – Joint organisation with the Umeå Plant Science CentreUmeå, 24-28 August 2014  

  • Bio4Energy Industrial Network and SP Processum Membership Event – This last industrial network meeting in the first round of Bio4Energy will be an opportunity for industry representatives and academic researchers to discuss current or future collaborations and take joint look forwards. What are the needs of the biorefinery industry in terms of technology development? Could academia help with whole-system or process integration assessments? These and other questions are likely to be posed at this event, which looks set to include a guided tour of pilot and/or demonstration units attached to the cluster at Umeå – Umeå, 21 October 2014     

  • Bio4Energy Autumn Researchers’ Meeting – This will be the final biannual common event for Bio4Energy’s scientists in the first round of Bio4Energy, 2010-2015. There are about 250 researchers working for Bio4Energy in some capacity, across the three partner universities, Innventia, the Energy Technology Centre at Piteå, the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and Michigan State University of the U.S.A. Bio4Energy researchers can expect a special event, at a venue in northern Sweden to be decided – 20-21 November 2014 

There will be more on our events in the next Bio4Energy Newsletter, which readers can sign up for on this homepage in the right-hand column, we also endeavour to tell you about:  

  • New collaboration projects supported by the Swedish Knowledge Centre for Renewable Transportation Fuels, f3;

  • Bio4Energy’s participation in European Union COST Actions—where networking and ideas for new EU projects take place;

  • New Green Handbooks developed for advanced students of biorefinery and bioenergy worldwide by Bio4Energy researchers;

  • A project designed to help “green” plastics makers in the Swedish chemical industry;

  • And more!

Thank you for your support and cooperation. We hope you will want to keep following us or working with us in the autumn.


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