00443_FP7_big_logo_5811The European Commission recently published its second-to-last round of calls for proposals of projects under its Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for research, setting aside some €7billion to “kick-start innovation through research”, the European Commission said 19 July.

In terms of so-called “cooperation” projects, which are to include stakeholders from industry, academia and research organisations, €235 million has been set aside for energy projects, while €313 will go into transport ones and a hefty €488 into nanotechnologies.

In addition there are some €300 million hanging in the balance for projects to help develop a “bio-based” economy in the EU. Details on the Commission’s plans for an EU strategy in this area are available in this News section. Further monies, for carrying out basic research, academic exchange or promoting women innovators are also available.

Finally, the Commission will co-fund public-private partnerships with a total of €365 million for "challenge-driven" public private partnerships (PPP) under the 2012 calls. The European Green Cars Initiative for developing new and sustainable forms of road transport, Factories of the Future, which address the challenge of “producing more while consuming less”, are two of those.

B4E relevance

One or more of the themes or programmes described above may correspond to research being planned or carried out by members of Bio4Energy. For instance, the second of the current Energy calls offers to back the demonstration of lignocellulosic ethanol production in cooperation with industry (topic ENERGY.2012.3.2.3 : Pre-commercial industrial scale demonstration plant on lignocellulosic ethanol).

Those interested are encouraged to participate in an Umeå University workshop on the 2011 calls, hosted by its Grants Office and further local stakeholders to EU funding 22-26 August.

*Workshops to explain the financial rules and administrative procedures of running an FP7 research project will also be held in Brussels, Belgium on 21 and 22 September. UK-based Singleimage Ltd is set to organise the seminars, a note on the European Commission's CORDIS web said 11 August.

*NEW as of 24 August: VINNOVA, the Swedish research funding agency, is organising a workshop by Paul Drath från Singleimage, 13 October 2011 in Stockholm, to explain the ins and outs of EU research funding under FP7 to administrators of EU projects. It is called Finance in Framework Seven. Please find the draft programme attached.


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