Akkats power station Credit LTUAkkats hydro power station far north in Sweden at Jokkmokk, owned by state-run energy utility Vattenfall. Photo by courtesy of Vattenfall AB.Bio4Energy researchers and industrial partners are calling on energy stakeholders—representatives of Swedish authorities, business and industry, research institutes and academics—to join them 23-24 August at Luleå, Sweden, for talks on how far the country has come in implementing a sustainable energy system.

Summarising the economic, social and environmental side of things, as well as discussing ways forward, does not sound like an easy task to accomplish in two days, but conference coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. believes it can be done.

"The transformation of the Swedish energy system is a great undertaking and requires a broad start. There will be 50 research presentations and a number of keynote [addresses] by people from industry and authorities and politicians. People can expect to hear about systems' studies, analyses of political support measures, how to promote biofuels and the development of markets and trade", according to Lundmark, who is a professor at the Luleå University of Technology.

Ibrahim Balyan, Sweden's minister for energy, and Tomas Kåberger, Swedish energy profile and professor at Chalmers University of Technology, are posted as keynote speakers on the website of the Swedish Association for Energy Economics Conference 2016, and the event is subtitled 'Current and future challenges of energy systems in Sweden and neighbouring countries'.

"This is an event for those interested in research on the transformation of the Swedish energy system. It is about reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, increasing [energy] efficiency and making the transition happen", Lundmark said.

He is part of a new research and development platform, Bio4Energy System Analysis and Bioeconomy, which members study these types of issues.

"Business companies must take steps to implement the transition in practice. Perhaps there are questions along the way that they are not able to answer themselves. [Questions arise such as,] 'What regulations and support measures are needed?' Politicians must base their decisions on scientific knowledge. And research results need to be disseminated to actors in the sector", Lundmark said.

More information and registration are available here.
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