The Bio4Energy sister organisation, the Swedish Gasification Centre (SFC) launched last SFC logotype year, has its own web pages on the website of Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in northern Sweden. They have sections for News, Publications, Conferences and an entrance to an internal website for members of the SFC consortium, and more.

In an e-mail, SFC coordinator Rikard Gebart, who is a professor at LTU, said
that further news of research results, events and conferences would be added shortly.

A first couple of dates to note were a 14 May meeting for the members of Bio4Gasification, a strand of the SFC whose members, mainly biorefinery researchers, propose and develop gasification research projects.

Moreover, 14-17 August SFC would a host a summer school designed to give graduate students an “overview of the subject area combined with a deeper theoretical understanding”, the SFC web said. Further information on the summer school would be published there shortly, Gebart said.


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