Forskarbl mock 25512Bio4Energy is featured in Forskarbladet, a magazine on Swedish research and innovation. Magazine cover courtesy of Svenska Branschforum.Bio4Energy is featured in today’s issue of ‘Forskarbladet’, a magazine aimed at showcasing major Swedish research and innovation initiatives to Swedish decision-makers and society at large.

The article says that Bio4Energy is a research environment that effectively covers the entire value chain of biorefinery, developing methods and tools for making “green” chemicals and bio-based products from forest-sourced raw materials and organic waste.

B4E programme manager Stellan Marklund said the research environment aimed to assist the forestry industry to use the raw material it takes out of the forest more efficiently so that, in the end, less could be used and damaging environmental effects avoided.  

B4E also had a role to bring together stakeholders in northern Sweden where many of the country’s forestry and biorefinery operations were conducted, Marklund said;

“Our task in Bio4Energy is to be a uniting force in biorefinery and bioenergy in northern Sweden. We control the whole of the ‘bio-chain’.

“We cooperate and serve as a bridge between research and industry or business. It is crucial that we get to meet”.

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