This month Bio4Energy and the Solander Science Park will be hostingMN AS JH OrgBioenergy2012We hope to see you at Bioenergy 2012. The organisers from left: Maria Näslund, Solander Science Park (SSP); Anna Strom, Bio4Energy (B4E); Johan Hedin and Lotta Karlsson, both SSP. Photo by Stellan Marklund, B4E.
Bioenergy 2012—a conference on research and innovation to support a new generation of products and chemicals based on raw materials from the forest or organic waste. The conference Bioenergy 2012—for a New Generation of Green Products and Chemicals will take place 14-15 November at Pite Havsbad, at Piteå in northern Sweden.

“With this conference we want to spread our research results in northern Sweden. Reaching out to business and industry is an important part of our work, said Stellan Marklund, programme manager of the research environment Bio4Energy and a professor at Umeå University, at Umeå, a few hours’ drive south of Piteå.

Solander Science Park (SSP), for its part, has a mission to link up businesses with the research community so that scientific discoveries may be developed and turned into marketable products. This makes the SSP an ideal partner for Bio4Energy in the quest to create meeting places for bioenergy and biorefinery researchers, on the one hand, and industry and business entrepreneurs, on the other, Marklund said.

The Bioenergy 2012 conference is one of five on renewable energy given at the Nolia Energy and Environmental Week, organised each year in November. Delegates may purchase a pass to attend one or all of the conferences on Wind Power, Biogas, Energy Efficiency and Bioenergy.

Registration is available at the Nolia conference website until 10.30 a.m. 14 November, which is one hour before the opening of the Nolia Energy and Environmental Week, with special rates available for students. The main conference language will be Swedish with professional interpretation to English available.
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