The SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden is set to take a 60 ClasEngstrom ProcessumClas Engström, Processum CEO, at a meeting for its members in November 2012. Photo by Bio4Energy.
per cent share in Bio4Energy strategic partner Processum Biorefinery Initiative.

“I see it as a great boost for the organisation and for northern Sweden”, said Processum CEO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., “we have not had such an industrial research institute in northern Sweden”.

The partial takeover means that Processum—which is constructed as a research and development umbrella for 21 industrial companies in the biorefinery sector in northern Sweden, but based in the city of Örnsköldsvik—becomes a subsidiary to SP, Engström said, referring to the new constellation as “SP-Processum”.

“It can only mean good things for us to join [an organisational] structure with so many employees. It will be good for us, structurally speaking”, he added.  According to the SP website, this “leading international research institute”, headquartered in Borås, not far from Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast, has 1,300 researchers and experts working across a range of "technical areas".

"SP applies its internationally leading competence to the development and evaluation of technologies, material, products, and processes to meet its customers' needs and provide an effective link between research and commercialisation", its website says. Several SP researchers are members of Bio4Energy and its Environmental, Process Integration and Pretreatment and Fractionation Platforms.
Engström, meanwhile, said he believed the merger will create a win-win situation, but that the prospects for it becoming a success depended on the willingness and capacity of the two parties to create joint projects.

“[As Processum] we gain the status of an industrial research institute with its wide-reaching knowledge bank and contacts. SP gets access to the industrial and academic networks here in the north.

“The outcome will depend on the extent to which we will be able to cooperate”.

The SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden published a press release in Swedish to announce the merger.


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