PhD Course: Wood Biology & Biotechnology, Umeå, Sweden

Start Date: Monday, October 30, 2017 9:00 - 10:00
PhD course: Wood Biology and Biotechnology
Oct 30-Nov 3, 2017
Umeå University, KBC building, room KB.G.02

Course description

Development of novel wood-based products requires an understanding of the biological processes that lead to wood cell differentiation including cell division, expansion, secondary cell wall formation and programmed cell death.

One week intensive PhD course provides a brief overview of wood organization, chemistry and structure in conifers and hardwoods, from the molecular level to the tissue organization level, followed by an update on molecular, genetic and physiological aspects of wood cell differentiation and cell wall formation. Current tools for studying wood structure and chemical composition, as well as the bioinformatics tools available for wood biology are introduced with practical demonstrations. Lectures and seminars are given by experts in the field. Many opportunities for social interactions and networking.

: Totte Niittylä, Bio4Energy Feedstock

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