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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

KBC Days, Umeå, Sweden (Tue. 7 Nov, 2017 9:00 - Wed. 8 Nov, 2017 17:00)

Welcome to the KBC DAYS 2017 at Chemical Biological Centre, Carl Kempe salen KB.E3.03 (former KB3B1). Please register by 30 October 2017.


Preliminary Programme  

Day 1, Tuesday 7 November



Registration, poster mounting


Welcome introduction and update
Per Gardeström, Scientific coordinator of KBC


Critical thinking and myth debunking
Martin Rosvall, Department of Physics, director of IceLab


Coffee break


New Faculty Members and Awardees at KBC


Catalyst Design: Searching for perfectly defective nanomaterials
Eduardo Gracia Espino, Department of Physics


How HIV-1 wraps its genome into new virus particles - and a bit about how other viruses make theirs
Lars-Anders Carlson, Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine and Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics


Possibilities and challenges with small molecules targeting G-quadruplex DNA structures
Erik Chorell, Gunnar Öquist Fellow 2016


The KBC Interactive Focus Environment


The KBC Focus Environment – Presentation of the possibilities
Hardy Hall, facilitator KBC Focus environment


Lunch and Inauguration of the KBC Focus Environment – Live Music with PJs Funk
NOTE: The Inauguration is open for everybody and no registration needed.


Inauguration of the KBC Focus Environment
Katrine Riklund, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Umeå University
Per Gardeström, Scientific Coordinator at the KBC environment
Member of the KBC focus environment reference committee

Mingle at the focus environment


New Faculty Members and Awardees at KBC (cont)


Title tba
John Anderson
professor vid Loughborough University, UK
HM King Carl XVI Gustaf Professorship of Environmental Science 2017-2018 at Umeå University


Title tba
Felipe Cava
The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS), Department of Molecular Biology
Jaime Ferran Award, Spanish Society for Microbiology (Sociedad Española de Microbiología, SEM, Best Microbiologist in Spain 2017


To be confirmed
Linda Sandblad
Team leader at The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS), Department of Molecular Biology
Head of Umeå Core Facility for Electron Microscopy (UCEM)


KBC Postdoctoral Fellows


Household energy and air pollution worldwide: transitions from traditional to cleaner biomass-fired stoves, Ricardo Carvalho, Thermochemical Energy Conversion Laboratory (TEC-Lab), Department of Applied Physics - BIO4ENERGY


Live and let die – Understanding the regulation of plant leaf senescence in darkness
Daniela Liebsch, Kempe Postdoctoral Fellow at UPSC


Genome contact map explorer: a platform for the comparison, interactive visualization and analysis of genome contact maps
Rajendra Kumar, Kempe Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Physics/IceLab


PhD students present their Research Projects in "elevator talks" 
Dan Adolfsson, Department of Chemistry
Nasibeh Mohammadi, MIMS and Department of Chemistry
Majid Mustafa, Department of Chemistry
Mirva Niinipuu, Department of Chemistry
Aleksandra Skrobonja, Department of Chemistry
Adelijiang Xiamuxiding, Department of Chemistry
Irena Fundova, Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology


Coffee break and Poster presentation
The midterm PhD students present their posters in the KBC Focus Environment
(printed and digital presentations)


Dinner with PJs Funk (Live music)


Day 2, Wednesday 8 November



Update:  New Research Projects, Outreach, Doctoral Programmes


Åsa Strand, Department of Plant Physiology, Umeå Plant Science Centre UPSC
Stefan Björklund, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics
Martin Rosvall, Department of Physics and director of IceLab


To be  decided


To be decided


Abisko Citizen Science: documenting a century of climate change
Keith Larson, CIRC, EMG


Outreach Activities at "Future Forest"
Annika Mossing, communication officer, SLU Umeå


National PhD activitiy,
The MIMS affiliated National Doctoral Programme in Infection and Antibiotics NDPIA
Anna Holmström, Department of Molecular Biology, National Director of Studies


Coffee break and Poster session


Research Highlights at KBC


Why to become the asteroid 11807 Wannberg?
Asta Pellinen Wannberg, Department of Physics


10,000 year-old DNA proves when fish colonialized our lakes
Göran Englund, Ecology and Environmental Science


Atomic-level mechanism of enzymatic ATP versus GTP selectivity
Magnus Wolf Watz, Chemistry


Mediator binds chromosomal interacting domain boundaries
Stefan Björklund, Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics




Updates from the KBC Infrastructures


to be confirmed
The Electronic Laboratory Notebook
Madeleine Ramstedt (tbc)


See separate schedule at the registration desk

The KBC infrastructures present themselves:
1. Short presentations (max 5 minutes)
- The Laboratories for Chemical Biology Umeå (Stina Berglund, Department of Chemistry)
- UPSC Plant Cell Wall and Carbohydrate Analytical Facility (Junko Takahashi Schmidt, UPSC)

2. Longer discussion of specific problems/projects/cases
- The Swedish Metabolomics Centre (Jonas Gullberg)
- Umeå Core Facility for Electron Microscopy (Linda Sandblad)

3. Guided tour through the facility
- LCBU (Stina Berglund)


Presentation of the KBC Poster Award and Conclusion
End of the KBC DAYS 2017

Per Gardeström

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