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April 2013
April 2013

Wed. 10 Apr, 2013

Thu. 11 Apr, 2013

Swedish Research Council call for research proposals in natural sciences (All day)

Swedish Research Council annual call for research proposals in the natural sciences

Forest Chemistry Seminar, Stockholm, Sweden (Thu. 11 Apr, 2013 12:00 - 17:00)

Invitation to a seminary by the industry-academy Forest Chemistry project. Fee: Free of chargeWhere: Innventia main office Drottning Kristina väg 61 B, Stockholm. http://www.innventia.com/sv/Om-oss/Kontakta-oss/Huvudkontor/When: Thursday April 11, 2013 at 13:00-17:00Register latest 2013-04-02We have a large conference hall, but anyhow a limited one. First come first…….Register via mail to Ing-Mari de Wall, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak79e09a4afc3cb4f6b88b7c4c3dea8491').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy79e09a4afc3cb4f6b88b7c4c3dea8491 = 'ing-mari.dewall' + '@'; addy79e09a4afc3cb4f6b88b7c4c3dea8491 = addy79e09a4afc3cb4f6b88b7c4c3dea8491 + 'processum' + '.' + 'se'; var addy_text79e09a4afc3cb4f6b88b7c4c3dea8491 = 'ing-mari.dewall' + '@' + 'processum' + '.' + 'se';document.getElementById('cloak79e09a4afc3cb4f6b88b7c4c3dea8491').innerHTML += ''+addy_text79e09a4afc3cb4f6b88b7c4c3dea8491+'';  Questions please contact:Lars Josefsson, tel 070-558 76 73Leif Jönsson, tel 090-786 68 11Carl Johan Franzen, tel 031-772 38 08  Programme13:00-13:05       Welcome, Lars Josefsson Chairman INEOS Sverige AB 13:05-13:30       The Forest-Chemistry VINNOVA project, Clas Engström CEO Processum Biorefinery Initiative 13:30-14:30       Advanced biofuel solutions: INEOS Bios technology, Graham Rice Business Development Manager, INEOS Bio Limited 14:30-15:00       An overview of pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis: status and challenges, Leif Jönsson Professor Umeå University 15:00-15:30       Coffee break 15:30-15:50       POLYNOL - Integrated Production of Polymers and Ethanol from Forest and Sugar Cane Industries, Niklas Berglin Innventia 15:50-16:20       Other fermentation products besides ethanol - status and challenges, Carl Johan Franzén Associate Professor Chalmers 16:20-17:00       Discussion around the possibilities and challenges Please distribute this invitation to your colleagues and in your networks.

Wed. 24 Apr, 2013

Thu. 25 Apr, 2013

Fri. 26 Apr, 2013

RISI Bio Strategy Seminar, Vienna, Austria (All day)

Bio Strategy Seminar at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna, Austria. On 24 April, RISI will also be hosting its first Bio Strategy Seminar at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna, where delegates will hear from executives discussing the pitfalls, challenges, and opportunities of entering into the bio economy. The seminar will cover key areas of biomass, bioenergy, biorefining, waste to energy, and energy savings. Additionally, delegates will hear case studies from companies who have implemented a successful bio strategy and are beginning to reap the rewards. Topics covered in the compelling new seminar include: • The Economical Advantages of Running a Fossil-Fuel Free Pulp Mill • Processum Biorefinery Initiative, a Successful Cluster Engine to Drive Biorefinery Development Forward • Value from Biomass with Metso Processes and Technologies • RTP Green Fuel - A Growing Business Opportunity for the Forest Cluster Conference registrations for both of these premier events are currently available at: utrk.net/17ui8/?19J7E009LDG.

Bio4Energy Licentiate Presentation, Luleå, Sweden (Fri. 26 Apr, 2013 9:30 - 11:30)

Title of thesis: Adsorption of water, carbon dioxide and methane in zeolite ZSM-5 studied using in-situ ATR-FTIR spectroscopyVenue: Luleå University of Technology



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