Two Postdoctoral Positions at CICECO in Biorefinery Project

CICECO of Portugal is a Bio4Energy collaboration partner.

CICECO is looking for candidates with a PhD degree with  experience in the extraction and characterisation (GC-MS, HPLC-MS, NMR) of natural compounds, as well as in their chemical upgrading. The project deals with an integrated biorefinery approach that crosses multiple feedstocks with multiple processing approaches in an integrated way.

The positions will be part ofERACAREERS and placed with Portugese partners in this project.
Download this file (eracareers.pdf)ERACAREERS_CICECO[ ]247 kB

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PhD Position: Wood and Bio Nanocomposites focusing on Material Science of Nanocellulose - Luleå

ltuBio4energy cmykThe Division of Materials Science at the Luleå University of Technology (LTU) has an open PhD position in the Wood and Bionanocomposites' group run by professor Kristiina Oksman of the research and development platform Bio4Energy Biopolymers and Biochemical Conversion Technologies. The position will focus on issues related to the use of wood biomass better suited for the separation of nanocellulose.

The successful candidate will be part of an interdisciplinary team working on a new Nanowood upsc logo ftg transpbgproject. It aims to combine wood biology and material sciences. You will develop new nanocellulose processing and analysis methods, as well as use the separated nanocellulose in nanocomposites. The applied goal is to make domestic wood biomass better suited for nanocellulose production. Nanocellulosic materials are are deemed highly interesting as an alternative material to non-renewable materials in a large variety of applications. The nano fibrils have unique properties and can form strong and transparent networks, act as gas barrier, be bio compatible, form super-light aerogels and foams, be a rheology modifier and they can also be chemically functionalised for different purposes.

Subject description

The aim of the LTU Wood and Bionanocomposites' group is to develop energy-efficient manufacturing processes, eco-friendly composite materials and products based on various bio-based fibers in nano scale and micrometer scale.

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BioInnovation Seeks New Programme Manager

BioInnovation logotypBio4Energy is a founding member of BioInnovation.

BioInnovation söker nu en ny programchef som vill vara med och bidra till att Sverige är en bioekonomi 2050.

Utveckling av nya biobaserade material, produkter och tjänster är avgörande om vi ska kunna möta den globala utmaningen med klimatförändringarna och ha en möjlighet att försvara den svenska industrins långsiktiga konkurrenskraft.

I rollen som programchef för BioInnovation kommer du att bidra till att identifiera, koordinera och initiera utvecklingsprojekt som bidrar till innovation för företag inom industrin. Du kommer att marknadsföra programmet och vara programmets ansikte utåt mot små som stora industriföretag, organisationer, universitet och institut.

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Call opening FRANCE - PRESTIGE Postdoc Programme

15 SEP 2016

The PRESTIGE programme is co-financed under the Marie Curie Actions-COFUND of the FP7

The PRESTIGE programme, coordinated by Campus France, aims at fostering the international mobility of post-doc researchers.

Three mobility schemes are available:

- Incoming, allowing foreign researchers to carry out their post-doctoral research work in France;

- Outgoing, for researchers from France wishing to carry out a post-doctoral research project in another country;

- Re-integration, targeted at nationals of EU Member States or Associated countries working in research for at least 3 years in another Third Country to come to France to further develop their career.

PRESTIGE is a co-financing programme, funding about 1/3 of the post-doc  fellow's living, mobility and research allowance, while the remaining 2/3 are financed by another partner, either public or private.

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IIASA Postdoctoral Fellowships

ii logo namePostdoctoral Fellowships are available at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) for Researchers in:
  • Natural and Social Sciences
  • Mathematical Sciences and Modelling
  • Interdisciplinary and Sustainability Sciences
  • Integrated Assessment
  • Management and Policy
IIASA located in Schloss Laxenburg near Vienna, Austria, provides full funding for a number of postdoctoral researchers each year. Scholars conduct their own research on topics closely related to one or more projects on IIASA's agenda.

Upcoming application deadlines:                2016: 1 October                        2017: 1 April, 1 October

Postdoctoral positions are of up to two years' duration, and can begin up to six months after selection.

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