Master Degree Project with Bio4Energy at SLU, Umeå

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This work shall be within the frame of project "Forest residues for combined production of edible mushroom and biofuels", which is a subproject of the Swedish national BioInnovation programme and co-financed by the Swedish funding agencies VINNOVA, the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Research Council Formas. The project aims to develop technologies for sustainable use of indigenous resources to produce climate smart food and renewable energy. Our aim is to use the production of edible mushroom as a form of biological pre-treatment to degrade the lignin component of woody feedstock, as well as recycle the spent substrate in the production of advanced biofuels, such as ethanol.

Recently, a new pasteurisation method drawing on the use of hot air was developed for shiitake mushroom production and biological pre-treatment. The new method can save as much as 60 per cent of the energy consumed when using previous methods for autoclaving. Studies have shown that the hot air pasteurisation resulted in faster shiitake mushroom mycelium growth, a higher yield of fruit bodies, at a shorter cultivation time (Xiong et al. 2019). To study the symbiotic system in mushroom substrates is important not only for developing climate smart technologies but also for understanding how microorganism collaborate with each other to degrade lignocellulose.

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PhD Position in Energy Engineering: Fluidised-bed Combustion, Gasification of Biomass, Waste

ltuThe Division of Energy Science at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) has an Bio4energy cmykopen position for a PhD student in Energy Engineering. In your research, you will develop combustion and gasification processes for effective and sustainable conversion of biomass and waste fuels. You will work together with researchers from different fields (Energy and Chemical Engineering), universities, institutes (national and international) and equipment manufacturers.

Your PhD project is a part of an ongoing project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency/Swedish Research Council. The purpose of your research is to improve the operational and economic performance of fluidised-bed biomass combustors and gasifiers to be used for heat, power and production of biofuel for automotive use. The overall aim is to design bed particle layers that 1) reduce the risk of bed agglomeration, bed material deposition and fouling in fluidised-bed combustion/gasification (FBC/FBG) of biomass fuels, and 2) provide a positive catalytic influence on internal tar reforming so as to increase the quality of the raw synthesis gas in the FBG process.

You will carry out gasification/combustion experiments in laboratory scale, pilot scale and full-scale plants and characterise the thus produced bed particle layers with different chemical or physical analytical methods. You will also formulate models that can predict the bed particle layer characteristics for different biomass fuels and bed material combinations. In your research, you will collaborate with researchers from Bio4Energy, Luleå University of Technology, Umeå University and Technical University in Wien/Bioenergy 2020+.

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