PhD Student in Laser-based Combustion Diagnostics

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The Thermochemical Energy Conversion Laboratory (TEC-Lab) at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics is looking for a PhD student to develop laser spectroscopic techniques for studies in biomass combustion and gasification. TEC-Lab is a member of the Chemical Biological Center (KBC) at Umeå University. 

We are looking for a PhD student in Applied Physics with focus on laser-based combustion diagnostics.

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Project description
Thermochemical conversion of biomass is increasingly used to produce electricity and heat, and can supply alternative transportation fuels. Non-invasive and rapid measurements of process parameters, such as temperature and gas composition, facilitate the understanding, monitoring and optimisation of these high-temperature processes and is important in both research and industry. Of particular interest in biomass conversion are gaseous potassium and oxocarbon species. The project aims at constructing suitable optical sensors based on laser spectroscopy for detection of reactive potassium compounds, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in laboratory and pilot scale reactors. The instruments will be used to investigate fundamental and applied research questions regarding biomass conversion, ash formation and material interactions in high-temperature environments. 

As a PhD student, you will attend a postgraduate education containing courses, research and a dissertation. The aim of the doctoral studies is a doctorate that meets the objectives of the Higher Education Ordinance, as well as local goals at Umeå University. The time for doctoral studies is limited to four years. However, the postgraduate education may include teaching (up to a maximum of 20 per cent of full time), and in that case the time will be extended correspondingly (up to five years). 

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