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Biorefineries was the theme of Solander Symposium 2010, which took place 17-18 November at Pite Havsbad outside Piteå.

The opening session was common for all conferences during Nolia Energy and Environment Week. Keynote speakers were Tomas Kåberger, Director-general at the Swedish Energy Agency and Peter Eriksson, spokesperson for the Swedish Green Party.

The first day of Solander Symposium focused on the industry. Magnus Marklund from ETC, Ingvar Landälv from Chemrec and Magnus Wikman from SunPine shared their perspective on modern biorefinery. After that, the participants went to Solander Science Park to watch the inauguration of the IVAB-gasifier and got on-site demonstrations of the modern biorefineries.

The theme for the second day was Biorefinery research and development. Keynote speaker was Professor Johan Wärnå from the Department of Industrial chemistry and Reaction Engineering, Åbo Akademi University in Finland.

Almost all other speakers this day were researchers from Bio4Energy.

Björn Sundberg, SLU/UPSC: "Biotechnology and the woody feedstock"

Ulrika Rova, LTU: "Hemicellulose Extraction for Bioconversion"

Jyri-Pekka Mikkola, Umeå University: "Catalytic processes for the forest biorefinery"

Marcus Lidman, ETC: “Vortex gasification of biomass for CHP and lime kiln fuel”

Kristiina Oksman, LTU “Advanced materials from forest biomass feedstock”

Rikard Gebart, ETC: "Thermochemical conversion projects for motor fuel production at Solander Science Park”

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