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Bio4energy cmykFive research projects deemed capable of promoting the strategic development of Bio4Energy, and the type of research and development its members carry out, have been selected for funding in the Bio4Energy’s second programme period. The projects are deemed to be beyond state of the art and to propose a new direction of research within the field of biorefinery based on wood or organic waste. Their project leaders, representing four of the seven Bio4Energy Research and Development Platforms, will be outlining their respective projects at a conference 25 October at Umeå, Sweden. For more, see the Bio4Energy Newsletter of this autumn. Here we list the 2016 Bio4Energy Strategic Projects.

  • Process Improvements for Methanol Production via Catalytic Biomass Gasification
  • Developing Neoteric Ionic Liquids for Enhancing Biomass Gasification to Produce Purified Biosyngas
  • Supercapacitors and High-energy/density Electrodes Based on Carbon Nanofibers from Lignin and Biochar
  • Nanocellulose Membranes and Adsorbents for Gas Separations and Ultrafiltration
  • Recirculation of Wood Ash in Boreal Catchments, Role of Fe-organic Carbon Aggregates and Processes along the Soil Solution Flow Paths

The number of applications received was great and the quality of applications high. They have passed a strict selection procedure in which evaluators check applications against a series of criteria with regard to scientific quality and novelty, as well as to assess whether the underlying project promotes cooperation between the Bio4Energy partners and with industry. Whereas all the Bio4Energy decision-making groups have been involved in setting up or participating in the evaluation procedure, the final decision to grant the five projects listed has been taken by the Bio4Energy Board which consists of representatives of the leadership of the three Bio4Energy partner universities.







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