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Accelerated Integration and Future Past 2020 was the theme for a recent Spring 2017 Bio4Energy Researchers' Meeting or Bio4Energy biannual conference for its researchers. The presenters were all recruited for their willingness to collaborate more widely across the Bio4Energy Research and Development Platforms.

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The second day of two had a focus on Bio4Energy System Analysis and Bioeconomy. Platform leader This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of the Luleå University of Technology said two important considerations, when assessing emerging technologies in a system perspective, were to apply appropriate system boundaries and to take into account the societal context at the time of commercialisation of any resulting products.

Thus, when faced with making choices about whether to introduce a certain emerging technology, Bio4Energy system analysis and bioeconomy researchers suggest asking questions such as:

  • What is its cost benefit?
  • Will it be competitive compared with existing or other emerging renewables-based technologies on the market?
  • Is it robust enough and well enough understood to be scalable to an industrial (or commercial) level?
  • Will it still represent the best available option ten-to-15 years from now?
  • Is it designed to be eligible for any support measures or schemes that could take it past the "valley of death" stage of its development, in terms of technology readiness level?
Download this file (Active-carbon-catalysts-of-bio-based-waste_Lakhya-Konwar.pdf)Active Carbon Catalysts of Bio-based Waste[Lakhya Konwar, Bio4Energy Chemical Catalysis and Separation Technologies]1875 kB
Download this file (CFD-modelling-of-biomass-fast-pyrolysis-oil-spray-combustion_Pál-Tóth.pdf)CFD Modelling of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Oil Spray Combustion[Pál Tóth, Bio4Energy Thermochemical Conversion Technologies, 8 June 2017]1899 kB
Download this file (Dissecting-the-genetics-of-wood-formation-in-Norway-Spruce_Rosario-García-Gil.pdf)Dissecting the Genetics of Wood Formation in Norway Spruce[Rosario García-Gil, Bio4Energy Feedstock, 8 June 2017]2040 kB
Download this file (How-should-we-use-our-forests_Timber-bioenergy-or-both_Runar-Brännlund.pdf)How Should We Use Our Forests? Timber, Bioenergy or Both?[Runar Brännlund, Bio4Energy System Analysis and Bioeconomy, 9 June 2017]315 kB
Download this file (Integrating-resource-recovery-with-energy-systems_Nils-Skoglund.pdf)Integrating Resource Recovery with Energy Systems[Nils Skoglund, Bio4Energy Thermochemical Conversion Technologies, 8 June 2017]782 kB
Download this file (Mixed-fuel-composed-of-household-waste-and-waste-wood_Mar-Edo.pdf)Mixed Fuel Composed of Household Waste and Waste Wood[Mar Edo, Bio4Energy Environment and Nutrient Recycling, 8 June 2017]1628 kB
Download this file (Online-monitoring-of-whole-bulk-streams_Mikael-Thyrel_B4E-WPP.pdf)Online Monitoring of Organic and Inorganic Content in Whole Bulk Streams[Mikael Thyrel, Bio4Energy Wood Pre-processing, 8 June 2017]2168 kB
Download this file (Organosolv-biorefinery-of-the-lignocellulosic-biomass_Paul-Christakopoulos.pdf)Organosolv Biorefinery of the Lignocellulosic Biomass[Paul Christakopoulos, Bio4Energy Biopolymers and Biochemical Conversion Technologies, 8 June 2017]8318 kB
Download this file (The-crucial-need-to-establish-links-between-environmental-performance-and-emerging-innovations_Krishna-Upadhyayula.pdf)The Need to Assess Environmental Performance of Emerging Innovations[Krishna Upadhyayula, Bio4Energy System Analysis and Bioeconomy, 9 June 2017]722 kB

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