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Delsjon2 AnnaStrom2018 400When the ice will not quite settle on the lake: Season's Greetings from Bio4Energy of Sweden. Photo by Anna Strom© 2018.Bio4Energy wants to thank its researchers, industrial network and stakeholders for a wonderfully productive and exciting year of 2018. In the new year of 2019, we look forward to cooperating even more closely with our strategic partners, among them RISE Processum and Piteå Science Park/Botnia BioIndustries Cluster, and with our newly created Bio4Energy Advisory Board of representatives of industry, research institutes and the Swedish government.

In spring, we expect to host events for our researchers and Advisory Board, as well as a session at the BioBase 2019 Conference, in June. We greatly look forward to the launch of the third edition of Systems' Perspectives on Bioresources, one of two generic courses in the Bio4Energy Graduate School for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers interested in biorefinery based on woody matter or organic waste. Biorefinery Pilot Research, Bio4Energy's popular Graduate School Course on biorefinery pilot and demonstration facilities and bio-based innovations, will start again in spring 2020.

So from all of us, to all of you:

Happy New Year!

Spring 2019 Events
31 January - Bio4Energy Steering Group Meeting
6 February - Bio4Energy Board Meeting
21 March - Bio4Energy Advisory Board Workshop, Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden
9 April: Sustainability Assessment of Biochar from Forest Materials and its Applications - Webinar by Bio4Energy & Green Technology and Environmental Economics at Umeå University
15-16 May - Bio4Energy Researchers' Meeting, Skellefteå, Sweden
3-5 June - Energy Confusion, Piteå, Sweden
10-12 June - BioBase 2019 Conference, Piteå, Sweden

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