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Sylvia Larsson Kumar Das 030620Sylvia Larsson is new coordinator for education in Bio4Energy. Here with co-worker Atanu Kumar Das. Bio4Energy is having to cancel this autumn’s course in the Bio4Energy Graduate School for advanced students. Biorefinery Pilot Research has been hugely popular for its on-location learning about pilot and demonstration facilities along the coast of northern Sweden. However, the risk for spread of the global Coronavirus means the course has been postponed to next year.

“We will be giving the course as soon as things settle down; hopefully already in spring”, said This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., new coordinator for education in Bio4Energy.

Instead an online introduction will be developed so that all PhD students and postdoctoral researchers interested in research and development in the area of wood biorefinery will have the possibility to learn more about the Bio4Energy research environment and the basics of its activities.

“We are going to make something exceptional that will serve as an entry point to the Graduate School”, Larsson said;

“It is about giving all PhD student the possibility to access what we have to offer. It will place the focus content of the hands-on courses in context. It gives students from different universities the possibility to study together. We have a lot of international students”, she explained.

Apart from her role as shepherd of education and training, Larsson leads the platform Bio4Energy Wood Pre-processing. Just recently, she was appointed professor of macrostructure of wood materials at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences at Umeå.

“This means that I work to modify the macrostructure of biomass destined for conversion via the biochemical or thermochemical route to fuels or chemicals and with processes that tailor components for bio-based materials. For instance, we may need to modify the raw material to give it higher degree of homogeneity and alter inherent structures and properties for improved downstream performance”, according to Larsson.

All of the partners in the Bio4Energy research programme are part of running or hosting courses in Bio4Energy Graduate School. The contact points are acknowledged here, as follows:

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU): Francesco Gentili, Biorefinery Pilot Research

Luleå University of Technology (LTU): Robert Lundmark, Systems’ Perspectives on Biomass Resources

Umeå University (UmU): Anna Strom, Bio4Energy Communications

RISE Energy Technology Center: Henrik Wiinikka, Biorefinery Pilot Research

RISE Processum: Björn Alriksson, Biorefinery Pilot Research

Bio4Energy also has a Taskforce for Education, whose members are Sylvia Larsson (SLU), Ulrika Rova (LTU), Stina Jansson (UmU), Markus Broström (UmU), Björn Alriksson (RISE Processum), Andrea Toffolo (LTU) and Johannes Hanson (UmU).

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