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Bio4Energy's researchers and students met online to share the latest progress by the seven Bio4Energy Research and Development (R&D) Platforms, as the 17 June Spring 2020 Bio4Energy Researchers' Meeting.*

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Until further notice, the Autumn 2020 Bio4Energy Researchers' Meeting will be held 13-14 October, at Skellefteå, Sweden.

*The pictures used are from archives, in memory of the Spring 2019 Bio4Energy Researchers' Meeting. There and then, our students made a large contribution and we want to encourage them to keep up the good work.

The presenters are acknowledged as follows

Bio4Energy System Analysis and Bioeconomy—Robert Lundmark, Luleå University of Technology
Bio4Energy Feedstock—Totte Niittylä, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences at Umeå
Bio4Energy Wood Pre-processing—Sylvia Larsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences at Umeå
Bio4Energy Thermochemical Conversion Technologies—Markus Broström, Umeå University
Bio4Energy Biopolymers and Biochemical Conversion Technologies—Leif Jönsson, Umeå University
Bio4Energy Chemical Catalysis and Separation Technologies—Jonas Hedlund, Luleå University of Technology 
Bio4Energy Environment and Nutrient Recycling—Stina Jansson, Umeå University

Download this file (Biopolymers-and-Biochemical-Conversion-Technologies.pdf)Bio4Energy Biopolymers and Biochemical Conversion Technologies[Leif Jönsson]377 kB
Download this file (Environment-and-Nutrient-Recycling.pdf)Bio4Energy Environment and Nutrient Recycling[Stina Jansson]267 kB
Download this file (Feedstock.pdf)Bio4Energy Feedstock[Totte Niittylä]6443 kB
Download this file (Strategic-Planning.pdf)Strategic Planning[Leif Jönsson]389 kB
Download this file (System-Analysis-and-Bioeconomy.pdf)Bio4Energy System Analysis and Bioeconomy[Robert Lundmark]1377 kB
Download this file (Thermochemical-Conversion-Technologies.pdf)Bio4Energy Thermochemical Conversion Technologies[Markus Broström]304 kB
Download this file (Wood-Pre-processing.pdf)Bio4Energy Wood Pre-processing[Sylvia Larsson]837 kB

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