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Bio4Energy SG AnnaStrom2020 500Season's Greetings from Bio4Energy. Photo by Anna Strom© 2020It is the end of the season. And boy what a season. There was the coronavirus disease, Covid-19; that turned plans on their head and saw us turn the regular Bio4Energy events into online meetings. 

There was intense work to prepare the research environment Bio4Energy for a much-hoped-for third programme period, from 2022. Programme manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., professor at Umeå University, is leading the work to develop a new programme plan and context analysis with input from the Bio4Energy platform leaders and research group leaders.

Last but not least, there was great progress made across the seven research and development (R&D) platforms to deliver excellent research and develop collaborations. Please review the news of this page or find our Newsletters in the Twitter feed.

With this said, Bio4Energy wants to wish all its followers from near and far,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would be delighted for your continued support and exchange of experiences in 2021. Thank you very much for 2020 Bio4Energy researchers and students, Board and Steering Group, as well as members of the Industrial Network.

*Bio4Energy expects to run business as usual during 2021, due to a one-year extension of the funding from the Swedish government for the second programme period, which began in 2016. As you may know, Bio4Energy is one of Sweden’s Strategic Research Environments. For more details, please go the About page of this website.

As from 2020, the Bio4Energy programme management
is composed of three senior scientists, representing three of the Bio4Energy R&D platforms. Acting programme managers are Leif Jönsson, platform leader for Bio4Energy Biopolymers and Biochemical Conversion Technologies and; Christoffer Boman, associate professor at Umeå University and a research group leader on Bio4Energy Environment and Nutrient Recycling. Elisabeth Wetterlund is deputy programme manager, associate professor at the Luleå University of Technology and member of Bio4Energy System Analysis and Bioeconomy.

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