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Parked airplane AnnaStrom2021Bio4Energy scientists and members of its Industrial Network are part of Sweden's effort to develop non-fossil airplane fuel. Photo by Anna Strom©2021.This year has seen large-scale effort in Sweden to render possible the creation and development of non-fossil airplane fuel, so-called jet fuel, a press release from the state-run Swedish Energy Agency said. Bio4Energy is part of this effort, both through scientists and members of the Bio4Energy Industrial Network.

Experts at developing membranes for various industrial processes, are using the microporous solid material zeolite (ZSM-5, to be precise) as a catalyst in the production of bio-based hydrocarbon olefins or petrol from methanol. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., professor at Bio4Energy partner Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and colleagues are developing a process for making heavy hydrocarbons via the catalyst, without intermediate steps, according to a project description. 

Industrial and institute partners are Haldor Topsoe, RISE Innventia and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Umeå and Biofuel Region, have teamed up to assess needs in terms of policy development and market support mechanisms for rolling out fossil-fuel free fuel use by airlines flying on northern Sweden.

The project will result in a roadmap for a transition to a sustainable airline industry in the northern part of the country, a project description said. Industrial partners are Swedavia, the company that operates Sweden’s ten busiest airports, along with the membership company RISE Processum and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

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