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Bio4Energy’s on-location training course on pilot and demonstration facilities for developing world-class biorefinery technologies is set to start again in spring, in northern Sweden. PhD and postdoctoral students keen on experiencing first-hand the development of tomorrow’s biofuels, “green” chemicals or bio-based materials should apply. The start is in April 2022 and the application will open in February. 

Industry professionals or consultants wanting inside on what it takes to develop successful biorefinery technology past the laboratory stage, via pilot and demonstration trials, are equally welcome to apply.

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“What makes this training unique is the fact that we always have new pilots to show. Students will experience and learn about the entire cluster [of pilot and demonstration installations] spanning the east coast of Norrland. Industry will yet again open their doors to us. You get to experience the working atmosphere and you feel welcome at that”, said course coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Biorefinery Pilot Research training course is part of the Bio4Energy Graduate School on the Innovative Use of Biomass. All the Bio4Energy students are expected to cover the Graduate School trainings, by the time they graduate as PhDs or postdoctors. Since 2014, the Graduate School is open to advanced students in the field of biorefinery, affiliated with a university anywhere in the world.

“Last time we had students from across Sweden, from Lund to Luleå. We had ten different nationalities and with different religious and ethnic backgrounds”, Gentili said. In his day to day, he works at the Bio4Energy partner Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and he clearly is alight with the fire for creating training that will let students get ahead.

“What the course does is to create job opportunities in the near future. The students get to meet industry people on location and sometimes it is that personal contact that makes the difference. Not all of our students want to continue into an academic career”, Gentili said.

Even if they do, they will have learned a lot about the technical, entrepreneurial and economic aspects of making advanced biofuel, chemicals or materials based on wood or organic waste. As well as who is who in the sector in northern Sweden.

“Not least important [the students] get to establish contact with each other. They spend the days together and then sit down for a meal in the evening. This allows them to get acquainted with each other and build contact networks for the future”, according to Gentili.

He said his hope is for Bio4Energy to contribute also to keeping skilled people in the region. “We want to avoid ‘brain drain’ from this region that has so much potential”, he said.

Northern Sweden has great resources in the form of coniferous forests, as well as dedicated industries, universities and other support organisations.

The frontline collaborating industries and industrial partners are gratefully acknowledged: Domsjö Fabriker AB, Sunpine AB, RISE Energy Technology Center, LTU Green Fuels and RISE Processum.

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