Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Contact info Anne Honsel, Chemical Biological Centre, Umeå University

On May 18, we will celebrate the 5th International Fascination of Plants Day with a public science event in Umeå! Like in previous years, we will arrange hands-on experiments, exhibitions and other activities around plants and plant science. This year, we will also have short public science talks (max 3min). 

The aim of the Fascination of Plants Day is to fascinate as many people as possible for plants and plant science. All over the world, events will be organised. You can find more information on the official international webpage: and the Swedish national webpage:

Do you like to get involved with the public and participate in this event by giving a talk or organising another activity? 

Everyone who is interested in contributing to this event is welcome! We will need people who help with the organisation before the event but also at the event itself. It will be no problem if you do not have time or ideas to prepare something yourself. We will for sure find something nice for you to do (even if you don’t speak Swedish!). 

This year’s event will take place in the foyer at Väven next to Kafé Fika ( We will open the doors on Saturday, 18th of May at 11:00h and close at 15:00h. 

In parallel to our event at Väven, there is another outreach event organised in the city centre of Umeå, called “Soapbox Science”. This event wants to promote women scientists and the science they do. Have a look on their homepage if you are interested: We will try to synergize our efforts to attract as many people as possible to both of our events.