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Torrefied wood 24214Roasting biomass as a pre-treatment method, torrefaction, will be discussed at a 9 April public seminar at Umeå, Sweden. Photo of torrefied wood published with permission.

In April, Biofuel Region and Bio4Energy will host at seminar at Umeå, Sweden, to give a snapshot of the latest advances in research and development (R&D) concerning New Products from Forests - Supply Chains and Biorefinery Processes. The seminar, planned for 9 April at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, will be open to all those interested in what energy and material technologies may be put forward as a realistic alternative to those based on products based on refined fossil oil.

Since the co-hosts Bio4Energy and the Biofuel Region project Forest Refine both start from woody raw materials when conducting R&D, the focus will be on methods that could set Sweden and similar countries and partners a step closer to realising commercial biorefinery operations—producing advanced biofuels and “green” chemicals”—in an efficient and a sustainable way. This is their contribution to developing a bioeconomy, to replace at least a part of the current one, heavily dependent on fossilised carbon for energy and other products.

For Bio4Energy’s part, the seminar will be an opportunity to provide an update on the much-touted biomass pre-treatment method which employs roasting as a means to wring the moisture and further undesirable elements out of woody biomass, turning it into a brittle and light-weight product which is easy to transport, store, handle and—not least—use to produce heat, electricity or as an intermediate step to making “green” oil with properties similar to those of fossil-derived crude.

A newly patented method for taking efficient bioethanol production to a near industrial scale will be described, as well as the possibility of combining it with a process to rid the same of undesirable waste products. To finish, Bio4Energy’s popular Graduate School for PhD students—which first Biorefinery Pilot Research course concluded in November 2013—will be explained and discussed.

Registration is available under this link.

A full programme will be posted in the Upcoming Conferences or Coursework section of the Research page of this website.

A seminar announcement in Swedish is available on the website of Umeå University.