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stakeholder forum

  • BioInnovation General Assembly, Stockholm, Sweden

  • New Voice in Brussels for Northern Sweden Biorefinery Stakeholders

    magnus matisonsMagnus Matisons, Biofuel Region and the Bio4Energy Industrial Network, is a new representative for Sweden on the European Union Bioeconomy Stakeholder Panel. Photo by courtesy of Magnus Matisons.

    Ever wished you had a voice in Brussels, to express your thoughts to European Union officials about what the EU should or should not do to promote the transition to a bioeconomy?

    If you are in the Scandinavian part of Bio4Energy's network, chances are that you do.

    In spring 2016 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of the Bio4Energy Industrial Network received an e-mail from the European Commission to say he had been elected a member of the European Union Bioeconomy Stakeholder Panel. The Commission's research and innovation branch started up the panel in 2013 and now, with a newly elected membership for its second mandate, Sweden has no less than four representative on it.

    "That's breaking a record", to believe Matisons.

    Matisons is a well-known figure in forestry and biorefinery circles in northern Sweden. He has worked both as a scientist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and, more recently, as project leader with Biofuel Region, which organisation works to promote biorefinery development across northern Sweden.

  • Sweden's Progress Towards Bioeconomy Showcased at Conference

    Bio4Energywas at BioBase 2019, a conference at Piteå, Sweden designed to show the country's progress in the transition towards a bioeconomy and challenges that lie ahead. The 250 attendees were a variety of stakeholders to the bioenergy and biorefinery sector in Sweden and about 10 other countries. Bio4Energy had its own session on Tailored Trees, Improved Growth and New Products – Towards a Bioeconomy.

    “As Bio4Energy we contributed by showing how the cooperation between our universities and institutes can contribute to strengthen the development of a bio-based economy. Our work covers the entire [biorefinery] value chain”, said This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.who coordinated Bio4Energy’s presence at the event.

    “We were able to show that we have developed processes and built networks that make us well placed to go into the future. The products in our product portfolio are such that industry and society want”, according to Rova, who is Bio4Energy deputy programme manager and a professor at the Luleå University of Technology.

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