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Biorefinery Pilot Research participantsExtent and credits: 5 ECTS                            

Course coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


On completion of the course, students will:

  • Be able to describe the biorefinery technologies represented in pilot scale facilities within the Bio4Energy infrastructure and know how to get access to them;

  • Be able to explain and discuss models for the roles of academia and functions of technical innovation systems and to critically evaluate real research facility cases based on these models;

  • Beware of essentials regarding sampling, building of large-scale experimental equipment, fund raising, and intellectual property rights and;

  • Have gained access to interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and ideas through networking activities.

Dates and locations are given here for the most recent edition of the course, for presumptive students to have an appreciation of what the timetable for the course is generally like.

Spring 2022

Piteå, Sweden —  4 April -- 6 April

  • RISE Energy Technology Centre and Piteå Science Park

Örnsköldsvik and Umeå, Sweden — 25 April -- 29 April

  • Örnsköldsvik: RISE Processum Pilot Park, MoRe Research pilots and Biorefinery Demonstration Plant

  • Umeå: Torrefaction Pilot (Campus Umeå) and Algae Pilot at Dåva/Umeå Energi (local energy utility)

Umeå, Sweden — 19 May -- 20 May

Presentation of case studies and final discussion/workshop.


The course consists of:

  • On-site demonstration of equipment and technology, lectures and laboratory work;

  • Lectures on essential subjects for large-scale biorefinery or bioenergy research and;

  • A project assignment, typically a case study of a technical innovation system at one of the pilot plants in the cluster.

Application and prerequisites

The application for enrolment in Biorefinery Pilot Research will open during the first quarter of 2022. We will post a link to the registration form, here.

This course is recommended for students with an interest in biorefinery at the PhD or postdoctoral level, as well as industry representatives who wish to learn about research and innovation as carried out at the biorefinery-related pilot and demonstration units lining the east coast of Northern Sweden.

For enquiries regarding the course content, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..