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Effects of Biosurfactants on Enzymatic Saccharification and Fermentation of Pre-treated SoftwoodMolecules 25(16):3559. 28 February
Exopolysaccharides Production by Cultivating a Bacterial Isolate from the Hypersaline Environment of Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia) in Pretreatment Liquids of Steam-Exploded Quinoa Stalks and Enzymatic Hydrolysates of Curupaú SawdustFermentation 7(1):33
Diurnal in vivo xylem sap glucose and sucrose monitoring using implantable organic electrochemical transistor sensors. iScience 24 (1) 101966. 22 January

Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus Mushroom on Substrates Made of Cellulose Fibre Rejects: Product Quality and Spent Substrate Fuel PropertiesWaste Biomass Valor. 3 December
Integrated production of edible mushroom (Auricularia auricular-judae), fermentable sugar and solid biofuel. Renewable Energy 170, 172-180. June
Impacts of Fuel Nonequidiffusivity on Premixed Flame Propagation in Channels with Open EndsPhysics of Fluids 33, 13604, American Institute of Physics (AIP). January
Understanding Flow Properties of Mannitol Powder at a Range of Temperature and HumidityInternational Journal of Pharmaceutics 120244. January