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Scientific Articles

Blaschek LMurozuka EMénard DPesquet E. 2022. Different combinations of laccase paralogs non-redundantly control the lignin amount and composition of specific cell types and cell wall layers in Arabidopsis. bioRxiv: the Preprint Server for Biology. September
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Konwar LJ, Mikkola J-P. 2022. Carbon support effects on metal (Pd, Pt and Ru) catalysed hydrothermal decarboxylation/deoxygenation of triglycerides. Appl.Cat.A: General. In press
Mukesh M, Sarmad Sh, Samikannu A, Nikjoo D, Siljebo W, Mikkola J-P. 2022. Pore size-excluded low viscous porous liquids for CO2 sorption at room temperature and thermodynamic modeling study. J.Mol.Liq. In press
Grimm A, dos Reis GS, Dinh VM, Larsson SH, Mikkola J-P, Lima EC, Xiong Sh. 2022. Hardwood spent mushroom substrate-based activated biochar as a sustainable bioresource for removal of emerging pollutants from wastewater. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery. In press
Eichhorn S, Etale A, Wang J, Berglund L, Li Y, Cai Y, Chaoji Ch, Cranston E, Johns M, Fang Z, Li G, Hu  L, Khandelwal M, Lee K-Y, Oksman K, Pinitsoontorn S, Quero F, Sebastian A, Titirici M, Frka-Petesic B. 2022. Current international research into cellulose as a functional nanomaterial for advanced applications. Journal of Materials Science 1 (71). March