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Scientific Articles

Brolund J, Lundmark R. 2014. Bioenergy innovations and its determinants: a negative bionominal count data analysis. Drewno (in press)
Salminen E, Mäki-Arvela P, Virtanen P, Salmi T, Mikkola J-P. 2014. Isomerization of alpha-pinene oxide to campholenic aldehyde over supported ionic
liquid catalysts (SILCAs), Top. Catal. (in press), DOI: 10.1007/s11244-014-0330-4
Tore Aa. Gulbrandsen TA, Ingvild A. Johnsen IA, Tanase Opedal M, Toven K, Øyaas K, Pranovich A, Mikkola J-P, Hoff BH. 2014. Extracting hemicelluloses from softwood and bagasse as oligosaccharides using pure water and microwave heating. Cellulose Chemistry and Technology (In press)