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Scientific Articles

Mukesh Ch, Mikkola J-P. 2020. Production of C-14 levulinate ester from glucose fermentation liquors catalyzed by acidic ionic liquids in a solvent-free self-biphasic system. ACS Omega (ao-2019-03517z.R1)
Nuri A, Vucetic N, Smått J-H, Mansoori Y, Mikkola J-P, Murzin D. 2020. Synthesis and characterization of palladium supported amino functionalized magnetic-MOF-MIL-101 as an efficient and recoverable catalyst for Mizoroki-Heck cross-coupling. Catt.Lett. In press
SalmiT, Eränen K Tolvanen P, Mikkola J-P, Russo V. 2019. Determination of kinetics and equilibria of heterogeneously catalyzed gas-phase reactions in gradientless autoclave reactors by using the total pressure method: methanol synthesis. Chem.Eng.Sci. Accepted
Trubetskaya T, Timko MT, Umeki K. 2020. Prediction of fast pyrolysis products yields using lignocellulosic compounds and ash contents, Applied Energy 257, 113897