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Scientific Articles

Averheim A, Thyrel M, Melander O, Larsson SH. 2019. Continuous pilot-scale steam explosion of softwood bark residues. EUBCE 2019 27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. May 27-30, Lisbon, Portugal
Das AK, Agar DA, Fernando D, Vujadinovic B, Nordin A, Larsson SH, Rudolfsson M. 2019. Multi-blade milling for wood-powder production. EUBCE 2019 27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. 27-30 May, Lisbon, Portugal
Bozaghian M, Strandberg A, de la Fuente T, Karjalainen M, Skoglund N, Thyrel M, Bergström D, Larsson SH. 2019. Does mechanical screening improve fuel properties? Effects of mechanical screening of stored logging residue chips on ash chemistry and other parameters relevant for combustion. EUBCE 2019 27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. 27-30 May, Lisbon, Portugal. Poster awarded as the most valuable contribution within the topic “Biomass conversion technologies for heating, cooling and electricity”
Jogi R, Mäki-Arvela P, Virtanen P, Kumar N, Hemming J, Smeds A, Lestander TA, Mikkola J-P. 2019. Biocrude production through hydro-liquefaction of wood biomass in supercritical ethanol using iron silica and iron Beta zeolite catalysts. J.Chem.Tech.Biotech. Accepted, in press 
Salminen E,  Bridier S, Mäki-Arvela P, Kumar N, Dahl J, Roine J, T Salmi T, Mikkola J-P. 2019. Isomerization of α-Pinene Oxide to Campholenic Aldehyde over Co-modified Zeolite and Mesoporous Materials: Catalyst Synthesis, Characteriastion and Reaction Kinetics, in “Nanoparticles Design & Characterization and Catalytic Application in Sustainable Chemistry“ (RSC). Accepted, in press
Mukesh Ch, Khokarale SG, Virtanen P, Mikkola J-P. 2019. Rapid desorption of CO2 from deep eutectic solvents based on polyamines at lower temperatures: An alternative technology with an industrial potential. Sust.Energy & Fuels. Accepted, in press